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How Do We

Get In?

Read John 14:1-6


Which of us doesn’t appreciate the humour of the countless jokes we so often hear about Saint Peter and Heaven’s Pearly Gates and the interesting characters that show up wanting to get in? I’m sure that you, like me, have told a number of them yourself!



Ever heard the one about this lady who after a long illness dies and finds herself standing outside Heaven’s gates? As her story goes, when she finally gets her turn to be greeted by Saint Peter, he tells her that before she could be admitted into Heaven she has to spell a word. Never having been a spelling whiz, the woman begins to fear the worse, but her worries quickly vanish when Saint Peter asks her to spell the word love. Of course she spells it correctly and is soon sitting at a beautifully laid out banquet table with all her loved ones who had died before her, enjoying all the wonders and splendours of Heaven.

On a particular day some three years later, it just happened that Saint Peter had to attend to other matters so he asked the woman to guard the gates for him until his return. How surprised the woman was to see her husband arrive at the Pearly Gates! “It’s good to see you! How did you manage after my death?” she asks.

“Since you died I’ve been doing pretty well,” her husband replies. “I married the beautiful, young nurse who took care of you while you were sick in the hospital. Then shortly after our wedding, I won the lottery; we quit our jobs; I sold the little house you and I lived in, bought a big mansion; and my wife and I have been travelling all around the world. It was while we were vacationing earlier today, that I went water skiing and fell and hit my head on the ski. The next thing I knew was that I was standing at Heaven’s gates. How do I get in?”

“You have to spell a word,” the woman tells him.

“Okay, what’s the word?” the husband asks.

Without batting an eye, she replies, “Czechoslovakia.” 

Or have you heard of the minister and the taxi driver who both, on the same day, die and seek admittance into Heaven? Handing the taxi driver a silken robe and a golden staff, Saint Peter welcomes him into Heaven. Then as he turns around to beckon the minister in, he gives him a cotton robe and wooden staff. In answer to the minister’s puzzlement, Saint Peter explains, “In Heaven we give reward based on results, while you preached, people slept, but while the taxi driver drove, people prayed.”

On occasion you too most likely have also hypothesized about how you will enter Heaven. And I sure hope you’ve made the discovery that the only way to get in really is through Jesus!


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